Friday, March 9, 2007

Anker: For Eugene Thacker: Plushie Chimera

From: Suzanne Anker
Date: Fri, 09 Mar 2007 21:23:40 -0500

[Thacker wrote: Personally I'd like to see a whole line of plush stuffed animals based on biotech - the Vacanti mouse, Dolly (which could be a play on the problems with cloning and mechanical reproduction - each stuffy would be a tiny bit different), even Kac's GFP Bunny.]

Great idea! When shall we start this project?

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Uri said...

there are already many such plush toys both of bacteria and other biological 'playthings'
for instance this giant flesh eating bacteria

or this site that specialize in the study of internal organs -

Anonymous said...

Dear Uri,
Thank you for your informative posting.
What is your personal interest in this matter?
Flesh-eating bacteria, the ebola virus and the
avian flu to mention a few, are certainly entities
which require respect. As molecule bombs their infiltation into human (and animal) flesh raises the question as to their function aspopular culture motifs? Do these plushies, in fact, masquerade and redirect our fears about these mortal matters?
Suzanne Anker, Conference Facilitator