Saturday, March 10, 2007

Scott: comment from the public post

From: Jill Scott
Date: Sat, 10 Mar 2007 13:42:19 -0500

Dear All
The last comment of Rogers is worth considering- Are any other participants out there interested this gender discussion?

roger malina has left a new comment on the public post "Scott: for Susan-before you go-and Suzanne for now...":
Let me pick up on your gender question which is part of a much deeper one about how scientific laboratories and science institutions in general are 'connected" to the societies that they are part of.Staying on the artists in labs topic, the UK arts council with Leonardo co sponsorship has placed 5 artists in the Space Sciences Lab at UC Berkeley.Of the 5 artists 4 were women (one was a wife husband team).The lab itself is dominantly male,but not the science education group that served as "broker' for the residencies.The selection juries were gender balanced.It is my observation that in the art and technology community in general there are numberous outstanding women artists and scholars= yet when they work with the science instutions we are faced with organisations that are dominantly male especially in the management levels ( and tenured faculty )

It would be naive to think that these cultural diffrerences don't affect the way that art science collaborations work in laboratory contexts and in the bio sciences- so much of the discussion bears on the nature of life and our responsabilities towards life forms, that as we talk about visual culture and the biosciences there must be gender differences in approaches.

roger malina

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