Monday, March 12, 2007

Mironov: How to train BioArtists?

From: Vladimir Mironov
Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2007 14:10:40 -0500

We have similar problem in tissue engineering at the beginning.
The question was - Do we need to teach engineering to biologists or biology to engineers? The answer was - biologists and engineers must jointly teach new generation of scientists to new evolving profession - tissue engineering. May be artists and bioscientists can jointly teach bioartist.
Learning of anatomy and anatomic drawing is already an integral part of classic artist training. Who knows may be bioartist training program based on seamless integration art and biology training will be very popular and successful. At least from my perspective there is definitely something to explore. It is interesting to know are there any demand or room for such specialists in art and entertainment industry?

Vladimir Mironov

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Daniel said...

Thank you for the opportunity to post a question to this virtual symposium. As I have read these conversation threads, I am struck that little has been mentioned about artistic representation of ‘mind, emotion, behavior’. As neuro-biology continues to understand the layers of the mind, where is the art that bridges this science domain with such an important social issue?

Where is the forum for artists who bridge the evolving neuro-science, molecular signalling of emotions, affect regulation, social sciences, psychology, etc with the vast domain of mind, emotion, behavior, mental health, trauma, self regulation, etc. Anything being done at the National Institue for Mental Health?

Historically, media, film, advertising and entertainment have touched these areas with some influence from academia and science.

As the human form is a genetic genotype expressed within a social environment, I see a huge gap in art. Where is the art of our internal emotional, mental, behavioral states that dance poetically in social neuro-science and with the environment? It could be called many names ‘mind-body art’, ‘mental health art’, 'social neuro-science' art.

Medical students are given illustrations and animations of anatomy and physiology from an allopathic framework. I see that illustrations and animations for the domain of mind, internal subjective states, and inter-subjectivity are notably under-developed.

Art can help society learn, heal and transform - where is this mind-body domain of art?

Would you please comment on this, and offer suggestions for forums to connect with others on this topic.

Daniel Lappin
First Currency Sciences
Mill Valley, CA