Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Mironov: Artists as spokespeople for bioindustry

From: Vladimir Mironov
Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2007 12:54:10 -0500

Popularization of biotechnology through bioart is an excellent and reasonable idea. Scientific conferences is probably not the best place for bioartists to present their works. Criteria and goals in science and bioart are different. However, science and art museums is probably most appropriate place for BioArt. BioArt can help to attract new generation of scientists to bioindustry. BioArt can also create much broader public appeal and public impact especially in discussion of potential social aspects of adaptation of new biotechnologies.

Concerning suggestion: "Might we someday see artists as spokespeople for pharmaceutical companies?". Any new technology in drug or medical device industry usually needs and uses professional visual presentation and even animations. Thus, it is safe to say that in certain aspects artists are already working as spokespeople for biotech industry. One can predict that the contribution of bioartists to bioindustry will continue to increase. However, the interaction between BioArt and Biotechnology, their mutual enhancement and mutual benefit is definitely beyond just pragmatic considerations and it deserves special systematical analysis.

Vladimir Mironov

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Brad P. said...

As an outsider to the biotechnology world, I had the privilege of discussing this topic just a few evenings ago, with one of your contemporaries. I agree that presently, the artists contribution is primarily as a "sales tool", to attract promising young minds into this field.

Looking forward however, it is not inconceivable to imagine the artists tools being advanced enough (consider the advancement of the artist's tools over the past decade) to take research data and develop conclusions (ok.. call them predictions) through the use of these TOOLS. Certainly, there will be learning curves associated with the analysis, but that exists with most analytical tools.

The marriage of these two professions seems synergistic, as both thrive on innovation and creativity. I enjoy peering in on this strange, vast world of scientific and cultural exploration. Thanks!
~Brad P.