Saturday, March 10, 2007

Scott: Trans-disciplinary efforts-respone for Eugene

From: Jill Scott
Date: Sat, 10 Mar 2007 19:14:24 +0100

Yes I agree with you Eugene,

I really share your concern about the struggles of "getting" any Trans-disciplinary programs, co-teaching or project collaborations going between disciplines in Universities. I have to say I still tend to value those lunch dates with the scientists in relation to the artist-in-labs program.
But in this light you wanted me to comment on Z-node.
What I am trying to develop here is a 60%theory 40%practice-based PHD program in Art and Science. ( The only solution I could think of is to actually pay the scientists to be second supervisors for the Phd Canditates. So far this seems to work. The artists are mainly media artists and the science disciplines range from the biological to the psychological, however, I sill employ 50 percent media-art historians in this role. Therefore, the aims of our group are: to explore and define new cultural epistemologies between design, art, science and technology, to search for original hybrid combinations of media and art practice and scientific theory by focusing on critical and ethical discourses, and to discuss the future of the arts in relation to the cultural and social impact of technology on society. Consequently, the contextual aims are quite different from the base station at the University of Plymouth.

Cheers and please keep trying...


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