Sunday, March 11, 2007


From: Vladimir Mironov
Date: Sun, 11 Mar 2007 18:58:27 -0500

I could not imagine person who will call to animal right specialist when these persons see rats in their house. In this situation people usually call for deratization experts. So what is all this fuss about blocking legal mandatory experiments on rats and other animals during drugs testing and drug toxicity. Illegal activities against mandatory federal rules and regulations established by democratically elected government is not a democracy. It only increases cost and delay drug discovery processs. As result people are dying waiting for new drugs or could not afford new drugs. From another point I do not see substantial and sufficient investment from multiple well funded animal right organizations into development drug toxicity assays based on using human cells or in silico model of drug discovery. Bioprinting technology can help to print such miniorgans and 3D human tissue based drug discovery and drug toxicity assay. Instead of this university and scientists are forced to spending time and money on unnecessary time consuming paper work and protection our research lab from animal right criminals. If animal right organizations want to be consistent and not hypocritical they must invest in animal free tissue engineering meat technology ( See this website for detailes: <>) and in human cell based drug toxicity and drug discovery assay. I do not see this happening at least at sufficient and necessary scale. Empty hypocritical rethoric and illegal criminal activities is not the way how civilized people must deal with problems. Artists who promotes animal rights views and associated criminal activities and thus undermine evolutionally advanced antropocentrism based religion and promoting return to more primitive religions already overcomed by historic human development must be socially responsible for their actions.

Vladimir Mironov

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